zen motorcycling


For me there in nothing more enlightening than a long ride when all conscious thoughts are excised and I become totally focused in the moment. During such times I seem to effortlessly enter a deeply medatative state. Extraneous thoughts sometimes intrude but I look on them as strangers, messages from my true essence, one of those alien creatures who reside deep within us all but with whom we only rarely communicate if we acknowledge them at all. At times I become aware of poetry and prose , perhaps nonsensical, perhaps messages that are essential to my existence, usually quickly forgotten except for the emotion it produced.

During my resent ride to Florida the following phrase (or some reasonable approximation) presented itself:

A flower which never grew is more notable than the most fancy bouquet
For it shall never wilt and its beauty can never be forgotten or destroyed.

What does it mean? To even attempt to tell you would be pointing at the moon. You would see only my hand and perhaps the lunar orb itself..

I can only say that It is Zen. Or perhaps it is not.


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