Update: Nasa’s Plan: How never to get to Mars


As a follow up on my blog suggesting that NASA’s so called plan for a human expedition to Mars in the 2030’s is absurd and will never happen since it is primarily a jobs program, the NASA advisory committee has indicated huge doubts that such a Nasa sponsored Mars expedition is realizable and has suggested concentration on the even more absurd, politically motivated and essentially pointless (except as a way to justify huge funding in the districts of certain  powerful Congressmen) “Asteroid Redirect Project.” Absent a major technological breakthough or a major political shift NASA will never (yes NEVER!) achieve the goal of a manned expedition to Mars. Las Vegas oddsmakers rate SpaceX as the most likely to accomplish such a mission, with Russia (despite an economy that is near collapse), the somewhat crazy Mars One proposals, and China as being far more likely to achieve such a goal.Personally, my money is on the Chinese.  Sad.

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