Change of name of second book of Mfecane trilogy


As anyone who follows this blog knows I have been strugging with the decision of whether to change the genre of the Mfecane trilogy (see in this blog ,  “The 35 year odyessey of the novel Mfecane” for an in depth discusion of this struggle) from historical fiction to alternate history. Well, the decision is made. Despite my resistance given the additional work and rewriting involved, Mfecane’s central character Manqoba (“He who conquers when all is lost”) has insisted on the change and I am powerless to resist his indomitable will. Alternate history it will be.
Coupled with this change is a change in the title of book 2 of the trilogy. Heretobefore entitiled “The Outlanders” referring to the English speaking whites who entered South Africa seeking diamonds, gold and empire, the new name will be “Zulu Rising” to reflect the new focus.
I still hope the second book will be published this year but this depends on the new directions of the story.
I will keep you posted on the progress and perhaps post an excerpt soon.